2017 Poster Session

The Poster program at the WAWGG Convention provides opportunities to meet growers and vintners while networking with suppliers, educators, researchers and other professionals in the industry.  You’ll learn from industry professionals, invited speakers, vendors and other poster authors, and you’ll have the opportunity to share in the latest information, tools, and technology within the wine and grape industry.


Congratulations to the 2017 Poster Winners


First Place- Ashley Boren- Virus and nematode Management in Grapevine For Replant Preparation

Second Place- Corydon Funk- Analysis of Statistical Relationships between Bioclimatic Indices and Wine Grape Harvest Qualities



First Place- Margaret McCoy- Assessing Sprayer Technology in Washington Vineyards

Second Place- Ben-Ming Chang- Surprise! Water Stress Increases Grape Berry Splitting

Third Place- Caroline Merrell- Impact of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah Berry Maturity and Alcohol Conent on Anthocyanin, tannin, and Polymeric Pigment Content Over Time



First Place- Lynn Mills- Providing Grape Growers with Critical Temperatures and a Prediction Model during Winter

Second Place- Sridhar Jarugula- The Complete Genome Sequence of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus 1 for Pratical Applications in Vineyards

Third Place- Prashant Swamy- Double Whammy: Impacts of Grapevine Leafroll and Red Blotch Diseases in Commercial Vineyards


Best Student Presentations

Undergraduate-Ashley Boren

Graduate- Zachary Cartwright