2017 Poster Winners

The Poster program at the WAWGG Convention provides opportunities to meet growers and vintners while networking with suppliers, educators, researchers and other professionals in the industry.  You’ll learn from industry professionals, invited speakers, vendors and other poster authors, and you’ll have the opportunity to share in the latest information, tools, and technology within the wine and grape industry.


2016 Poster Winners


-Climate and Relation to Quality

-Gambling with Grafting: Do's and Don'ts

-The Ecology of Red Wine


-Analysis of Brettanomyces in Different Types of Oak Staves

-Determining Grapevine Root Cold Hardiness

-Root-Knot Nematode: Developing Integrated Management Tools for Washington State Grape Growers


-Pruning Approaches to Revive Cold-Injured Merlot Grapevines

-Evaluation of Rootstocks for Nematode Management in Washington Vineyards

-Tackling Emerging Soil-Borne Virus Diseases in Washington Vineyards



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