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Your 2015 membership will qualify you for the reduced member rates when signing up to attend the 2015 WAWGG Annual Meeting, Convention, and Trade Show!

Grower Memberships are for persons and businesses owning or operating a wine grape vineyard and growing less than 707 acres. If you grow grapes and also have a winery, you should register for membership a Grower. 


Maximum Grower Memberships are for wine grape producers with more than 707 acres. 



Winery Memberships are for persons or businesses engaged in producing and marketing wine, but do not produce wine grapes of their own. If you own any grape acreage, WAWGG considers you a grower and you should register for membership as a Grower.



Allied Memberships are for persons, firms, partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorships, business organizations or other entities providing goods and services to the wine grape growing and/or wine production industries. To view Allied member benefits, click here 


A Message from Todd Newhouse, WAWGG Chair

Dear Washington Wine Industry Supporter,

I am writing to encourage and invite you to join me in becoming a member of the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers (WAWGG) for 2015.

WAWGG cultivates a positive business environment for growing the Washington wine industry and advocates for the success of Washington wine grape growers at all levels, regardless of size.

If you have a vested interest in Washington's wine and grape industry, then WAWGG membership is for you.

WAWGG's efforts benefit its members in many ways. Members have access to informational resources, educational opportunities and tools to assist them in achieving success. WAWGG also fosters the health of the wine grape industry as a whole by:

  • Advocacy at federal and state government levels to secure our rights and help expand our industry.
  • Enthusiastically participating in national organizations to make sure Washington grapes and wine have permanent representation at the table.
  • Safeguarding the sustainability and prolonged existence of our industry by making sure our needs are not ever surpassed by our growth.

Like my father before me, who served as board chair in the mid-90s, I was inspried to join the Board in 2008 becuase I knew the value and how important WAWGG's work is to our industry. My business continues to benefit from WAWGG endeavors.

I have been chair of the Advocacy Committee for five years and WAWGG Board Chair for two years. Through my work with WAWGG, I have experienced the power of face-to-face meetings with legislators in Olympia and at the national level to discuss important issues like pesticide drift. WAWGG is the perfect vehicle for conveying important information to policy makers and keeping industry members informed about issues affecting them.

The above are just a few examples of what WAWGG does to benefit our industry. Our membership dollars are hard at work facilitating opportunities for education, networking and leadership development. WAWGG delivers back to the industry in many important ways, but the ability to continue to deliver is only as strong as the support WAWGG receives from individuals who care about our industry - people like you and me.

Please join me insupporting a successful Washington wine and grape industry by becoming a 2015 WAWGG member today. Your membership and participation are important and your investment will work hard for you, just as mine has for over 30 years.


Todd Newhouse

2014 WAWGG Chair







Your WAWGG membership also includes and supports:

  • Weekly industry “News Bites” and “Federal News Bites”
  • Our monthly e-newsletter, the “Grape Post”
  • Establishment and maintenance of “Vinewise®”, the online guide to sustainability 
  • Facilitating the creation of “Winewise”, a sustainability tool for wineries
  • Facilitating an industry-wide Research Task Force
  • Creating and staffing the NW Foundation Block Advisory Group 
  • Establishing the annual suggested grape price list
  • Creating the NW Viticulture Council to address regional issues at the federal level
  • Organizing one of the largest annual conventions and trade shows in the country for grape growers, wineries, suppliers, and service providers with top-rated educational workshops and seminars
  • Providing the Service and Supplier Source Directory for growers and wineries
  • Creating and continuing the successful Latino Ag Education for Viticulture Program
  • Advocating for the industry on issues including truth in labeling, extending time limits on the processor lien statute, and agricultural estate tax reform
  • Offering innovative health insurance programs for employees
  • Maintaining a comprehensive website featuring weather, industry news, statistics, and the Grape Dating and Bulk Wine Dating Services