Grapevine Cuttings

Do I need a nursery license to sell grapevine cuttings?

Yes! Cuttings for propagative purposes meet the definition of a ‘horticultural plant’ and the seller must be licensed if they sell more than $100 annually.

Additionally, the sale of grape cuttings (RCW 15.13.310) is subject to a 5% assessment not to exceed $0.10 per grapevine, on the gross sale price of the wholesale market value for all grapevine propagation material produced in Washington and sold within the state or shipped from the state by any licensed nursery dealer.

Plus, sales invoices for grapevines must show the amount of assessment collected for that sale as a separate line item.  The requirement also states that any person selling grapevine, fruit tree or fruit tree-related ornamental nursery stock must maintain a set of accurate sales records to facilitate an audit and ensure that the proper assessment amount is paid to the department of agriculture. The records must be maintained for a minimum of three years from the date of sale. At a minimum, the records must contain sequentially numbered sales invoices that clearly show the amount of assessment owed for each invoice. Sales invoices must be filed either numerically or alphabetically.


Note to certified growers and growers who are buying certified vines: If you are buying WSDA certified vines, there should be an official certification tag on the vines or a WSDA certification stamp on the box. LOOK for it and ASK for it! 

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