Resources Literature

Analytical Laboratories & Consultants Serving Ag in the PNW

Biology of the Grapevine, by Michael Mullins, Alain Bouquet, and Larry Williams.  1992.  University Press, Cambridge. 239 Pp.  Available through or other bookstores. 

Canopy Management for Pacific Northwest Vineyards

Chip Bud Grafting in Washington State Vineyards

Cover Cropping in Vineyards: A grower's handbook, by C. Ingles, R. Bugg, G. McGourty, and L.P. Christensen.  1998.  University of California DANR, Publication #3338.  162 Pp. 

Cover Crops as a Floor Management Strategy for Pacific Northwest Vineyards

Field Guide for Diseases and Disorders of Grapes for Australia and New Zealand

From Vines to Wines, by Jeff Cox.  1999.  Storey Books.  Available through or other bookstores. 

General Viticulture,  by A.J. Winkler, J.A. Cook, W.M. Kliewer, and L.A. Lider.  1974.  University of California Press.  710 Pp.  Available through or other bookstores. 

Grape Pest Management, 2nd Edition, University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  1992.  Available through UCD website. 

Grape Varieties, by Pierre Galet.  2002.  Sterling Publishing, New York, NY.  A good reference on origins of popular wine grape varieties and their features. 
159 Pp.
Available through or other bookstores. 

Grapes into Wine, by Philip Wagner.  1976.  Knopf Press.  Available through or other bookstores. 

Growing Wine Grapes in Maritime Western Washington

Making Table Wine at Home

Managing Cover Crops Profitability

Midwest Grape Production Guide

Oregon Viticulture, Ed Hellman, 2004.  Oregon State University Press.  Available through or other bookstores. 

Practical Aspects of Grapevine Trellising

Production and Marketing Risks Associated with Winegrapes in Washington

Soil Test Interpretation Guide

Taylors ® Waters & Vines

The Grape Grower, by Lon Rombough.  2002.  Chelsea Green Publishing Company, VT.  289 Pp. 

The Production of Grapes and Wine in Cool Climates, by David Jackson and Danny Schuster, Daphne Brasell Associates Ltd. & Gypsum Press, New Zealand.   193 Pp.  Available through or other bookstores.  This book is an excellent reference and has nice tables comparing various growing regions and suitable grape varieties.  There is a nice section on the PNW areas, including cool climate areas like the Puget Sound.

Viticulture, Vol. 1, Resources & Vol. 2, Practices

Weeds of the West

Western Fertilizer Handbook, 9th edition.  California Plant Heath Association.  2002.  Interstate Publishers, Inc.  Available through or other bookstores. 

Wine Grape Varieties

Wine and Grape Varieties for Cool Climates

Wine Science, 3rd edition, by Ron S. Jackson, 2008. 776 Pgs.  A book for professionals and avid enthousiasts.  Available through or other bookstores.  

Winegrape Establishment and Production Costs in Washington

Winemaking: From Grape Growing to Marketplace, 2nd edition.  Richard Vine, Ellen Harness, and Sally Linton.  2002.  Kluwer Publishers.  477 Pp.  Available through or other bookstores. 

Winter Injury to Grapevines and Methods of Production

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