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Please NOTE: This link will take you to the new AgWeatherNet site

The AgWeatherNet (AWN) provides access to the raw data from the Washington State University PAWS & AWN weather network. The AWN includes 121 weather stations located mostly in the irrigated regions of eastern Washington State providing 15 minute weather data update approximately once an hour. The AWN network is administered and managed by the AgWeatherNet Program located in Prosser, WA and has been available only by subscription until now. You must register to gain access to the AWN raw data. Once registered, you can log in at any time to view or download data.

Please visit the WSU Tree Fruit IPM Decision Aid System (DAS) for current tree fruit pest model status and management recommendations.  The DAS site is the most comprehensive and innovative tree fruit model site available.  DAS was developed by a team led by entomologist Dr. Vince Jones and is served from the WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee.

All of the weather data and value-added weather products available on this site and related sites are made possible by weather-monitoring hardware strategically deployed throughout Washington.  Our monitoring stations are comprised of data loggers and sensors designed and developed by Washington State University Center for Precision Agricultural Systems (WSU-CPAS).  Without CPAS  the geographic extent and success of AgWeatherNet and related endeavors would not be possible.

AgWeatherNet is funded primarily by the taxpayers of Washington State.  Further private contributions and support from the WSU Agricultural Research Center, WSU Extension, and WSU-CPAS, and grants from the WA State Commission on Pesticide Registration, the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission, the American Farmland Trust, and the Washington Wine Industry Foundation (WWIF) have made and make our efforts and future development possible.