Industry Expansion Workshop

Industry Expansion Bottleneck: Where will you get your plants?
Sponsored by the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers, Washington State University, and the Washington Wine Industry Foundation


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Industry growth is projected to be 5% or more per year. When the acreage expands, so does the demand for planting stock. How can the industry meet these planting demands with quality plant materials? Is it really that important to plant tested or certified vines? Learn how to source planting stock and the different processes for cleaning up and supplying the industry with certified and tested materials


Presentations (in order of appearance)
  • Kevin Corliss: "Why Is It So Hard to Get Plants, and Who Says the Industry Is Expanding Anyway?"
  • Cindy Cooper: "Wait... My Vines Could Be Illegal?"
  • Michelle Moyer, PhD: "Where Do I Find Plants... Or Specific Clones Or Selections?"
  • Naidu Rayapati: "It Spreads Like... A Virus"
  • Vicky Scharlau: "Crossing the Line: Programs Addressing Planting Stock Across State Lines"
  • Mike Means: "How Clean Plants Are Made: How They Get Here"
  • Piotr Kowalec: "How They Get Clean"
  • Aaron Paul: "How Do I Know My Grapevines Are Still Clean?"
  • Naidu Rayapati: "What Happens If I See Something Fishy And I Want to Test My Vines?"