Latino Ag Education Program

The Latino Ag Education Program is offered in partnership with Wenatchee Valley College, the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers, and Yakima Valley Community College. The goal of LAEP is to equip Latino employees in the wine and grape industry with the technical expertise that will allow them to advance and flourish.

2016/2017 SCHEDULE
Courses are held every Friday starting in November and going through March. View the course schedule here.

Level 2 Course - for women only

This course is designed for Latina employees in the field of viticulture and is a continuation of the introductory Level One course. Level Two offers more in-depth information about the production systems and management of wine grapes and their juices. The course covers site selection and vineyard establishment, soils, pests and irrigation management, human resources, vineyard business plan, marketing and whole farm ecosystems. The curriculum builds on applicable English language, management, and soft skills. Students participate in at least one industry field trip.

The class also offers 8-10 WSDA Private Applicator Re-certification credits. Successful completion of LAEP Levels 1 and 2 satisfies course work for AGSCI 135 General Viticulture (3 credits) at YVCC.

Vineyard Management and Integrated Pest Management Course - open to men and women

This course provides intensive technical instruction to prepare Latino vineyard employees as pest management scouts and to introduce them to basic vineyard economics and management. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for mid-management and management positions. Students participate in at least one industry field trip.


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