Pesticide Trainings

WAWGG, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Ag, will offer three trainings in 2017 primarily designed to broaden and progress worker and employer knowledge as well as develop core skills in the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards related to pesticide use in the workplace.

The courses will be offered in Spanish and may be offered in English if enough attendees request the classes to be taught in English. 


Train the Trainer

Thursday - Friday, February 16 & 17
This two day program integrates a professional learning process that reinforces the knowledge and skills required of qualified trainers who then implement training courses, support skill enhancement programs, and capacity building exercises to adult learners. The target audience is farm owners, managers, and supervisors who can then train their on-farm pesticide handlers and workers. Attendees will learn how to comply with WPS requirements.

Please call the WAWGG office for registration information.

Hands-On Training for Pesticide Handlers

Tuesday, February 21
This 8 hour workshop will train unlicensed pesticide handlers in handling pesticides safely, legally, and effectively. Program content also provides excellent continuing ed for licensed individuals. WPS Handler Training Verification Cards are issued upon completion. Six recertification credits are offered to certified applicators. Content exceeds current WPS requirements.

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Spray Application Equipment Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Friday, March 31

This workshop is intended for individuals who perform airblast sprayer calibration. Participants will be provided with information and tools necessary to skillfully calibrate and configure a pesticide sprayer consistent with its intended use (e.g., tree structure, canopy size, time of season), to increase product deposition, and to reduce drift.  Participants will gain hands-on experience by using actual application equipment during a mock calibration.

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